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Marcus Wulfman was born on the Noghri planet Honoghr around the time when the Empire was formed. By that time Honoghr was a secret and hidden place. His father was a human agriculture scientist and his mother was a technician. Unfortunately his mother died when he was born. He was raised by a young Noghri nanny. His father worked for the Empire and helped cleaning up Honoghr. Later Wulfman left Honohr towards the Core systems to study physics and droid engineering. After a little incident with his transport ship he started out in Kaadara on the planet Naboo.

Located along a scenic coastline in the northern reaches of Naboo, Kaadara is one of the planet's most luxurious tourist destinations. The small city is well-known for its outdoor cafes, beautiful beaches, and leisurely way of life and Wulfman thought it would be a good way to start as an Engineer, but the studies not always paid well and he also ran several delivery errands for the local Imperial authorities. When he came to the large Capitol Theed he was recruited by the Imperial Recruitment Office.

To specialize as a Droid Engineer Wulfman needed to get closer to the Core systems and as a Private in the Imperial Army he had the opportunity to settle in Corellia in a little Imperial base Village named Pax Imperia.

The Village is not far from the major Spaeport of Kor Vella. Here he settled, started his own business and was promoted to the rank of Lance Corporal. The little town was doing well and also Wulfman was able to offer more different Droid models to his customers.

After a full scale attack of rebellion forces the Imperial Base in Pax Imperia was destroyed. Wulfman, who's Droid business was running quite well by now left the shop to his Twi'lek Sales Clerk Droida and left to Tatooine. In the city of Bestine he was assigned to support some local Imperial authorities. Here Prefect Talmont also noticed that the young Lance Coporal was a trsutworthy and loyal servant who did not ask too many questions about his missions.

After completing his assignment he was transferred to Naboo and upon the arrival he knew what place it was. It was the Emperors Retreat ! At first it was like there were only local authorities, but one day he saw the red guards and knew the Emperor was here.

At the same time he was called to Captain Thrawn and the young Lance Corporal Wulfman completed a few missions for him. Right aftwards Colonel Veers required a loyal Imperial and Thrwan recommended Wulfman. After completing the assignments from Colonel Veers Wulfman was promoted to Corporal.

As a Corporal and with his knowledge about Droids he was given a the AT Uniform. After a short leave of absence where Wulfman invested into new business opportunity as a Droid Engineer in his home Town Pax Imperia on Corellia he returned to the Emperors retreat on Naboo.

To his own surprise the Emperor himself requested his Service ...

Wulfman was called into the Emperors room and he personally gave him a few task to do. This was the very first time he saw the Emperor in person and for his own good he completed all assignments successfully. After all, the Emperor is not know to be very forgiving ....

Wulfman now had some time to specialize on Imperial Probe Droids, to develop new detonation modules for them and for specially designed Detonation Mouse bots. While, when falling into the wrong hands, these Droids can do a lot of Damage, Pax Imperia was a loyal Imperial settlement and Wulfman was enlisted in the Imperial Forces. This certainly helped that he was allowed to Master the Droid Engineering Profession and expand his Business, selling more and different Droid Models.

After focusing on the Droid Engineering for several month it was a surprise to Wulfman to recive orders to return to the Emperors Retreat on Naboo. He was brought into a side room upon his arrival and he heard a strange breathing sound filling the room. In fact, this and his heart beat was all he could hear. He kneeled down and Lord Vader had a serious of Missions for Wulfman to complete. In one of them he received a Document delivered to Naboo by a red haired woman called Mara Jade. At that time he didn't know this name, but he heard of it again later in his life. After brining a lot of Information about a Man called Obi Wan Kenobi to Lord Vader he was assigned to assassin a friend of this men.

Wulfman successfully completed all his missions and was promoted to Staff Coporal. At the same time he heard from Colonel Alrevolis Vesto that the Town of Pax Imperia has been building a new Imperial Base. Wulfman was enlisted as Stormtrooper and Rifle specialist in training.

Staff Corporal Wulfman was assigned to Sergeant TK-785 51st Platoon, stationed in Pax Imperia. The City was prospering and growing, now even becoming a new Shuttle port and a Theatre.

Wulfman practiced his Rifle abilities, but then one day a large rebel force accompanied by a person everyone described as a Jedi attacked the base. Wulfman, that day on patrol and not in the base, head back, but came to late. It was the second time the Base in Pax Imperia was destroyed and the whole 51st Platoon was eliminated....

The Imperial Command was not very pleased about these events and requested to scan the area with Imperial Probe Droids. Wulfman, as a Droid Expert and one of the few remaining Imperial Stormtroopers in the City was ordered to find and eliminate any rebel presents in the area. After successfully eliminating a few small Rebel resistance camps he was promoted to Sergeant.

Sergeant Wulfman got his transfer orders to Talus, one of the five populated worlds in the Corellian Starsystem. Here on the Imperial Outpost he worked on several recon patrol assignments in mostly small units. Wulfman, the young Corporal LK and their Imperial Probe Droids did good work and Wulfman was promoted to the rank of a Staff Sergeant. It was not a suprise that shortly after the promotion his unit was sent to the relatively isolated and unspoiled world dominated by sprawling grasslands and large oceans, the Planet Dantooine.

Since the destruction of the Death Star, the Empire has established a small outpost on Dantooine, this is where Sergeant Wulfman has his next assignment. Mostly he supported the local scouting units on their patrols for rebel forces, and unfortunately there were still more rebels then expected on this remote planet. The most exiting assignment for him was the elimination of a old fashioned, but still dangerous Trade federation style Battledroid. His commanding office was quite please with Wulfman and he was due for his next promotion as he was shot by a rebel and badly injured. he was sent back to Kor Vella on Corellia and then had a leave of absent to recover in Pax Imperia.

When Wulfman reported back from his leave to the Imperial Base in Kor Vella he was, much to his surprise, promoted to the rank of Master Sergeant for his work on Datooine. He was taken of his Stomrtrooper commission and got a new assignment in the research area. The Imperial Navy was working on several new and upgarded TIE Fighter prototypes and for those there was need for upgraded versions of Flight Computers that match the abilities of the R Units in use by Rebels and Pirates. Wulfman, who was always very interested in the Imperial Navy and always wanted to be a TIE pilot, saw a good oportunity here. After some time of beta testing and prototype development he come up with a series of different TIE Flight Computer models.

Shortly after this Wulfman was invited by Admiral Veckon to meet with Commander Landau in Theed, Naboo to discuss his possible career in the Imperial Navy as a pilot. Immediatly Wulfman was on his way to Naboo and was enlisted in Black Epsilon Squadron stationed in Talus, Corellian System. His fist ship was a light duty TIE Fighter, which was upgraded to standard duty TIE Fighter after he completed the first few patrol and inspection missions in the Corellian Star system. Wulfmans piloting skills were good and he completed many assignments fast and to the satisfaction of his Flight Group leaders. The Corellian System was mostly neutral in the fight between the Empire and the rebellion and therefore the Corellian System was not much of a challenge for a skilled pilot. Therefore it was not unexpected that with his Promotion to Warrant Officer II Wulfman was also ordered to a different system ... the Yavin System!

Yavin System was where the Death Star was destroyed and Black Epsilon had many tough assignments here, trying to keep rebels and smugglers away from the wreckage of the Death Star. Wulfman received a new TIE Interceptor Fighter and successfully completed several assailments when he heard about problems back in Pax Imperia on Corellia. Distracted by the disturbing news that the town that he now considered his home was again raided by rebels and Colonel Alrevolis went MIA. On his next mission assignment Wulfmans TIE Interceptor got destroyed and he was injured and send back to Corellia.

All over Corellia things have changed and most cities openly supported the rebellion, with CorSec troops not taking any action against rebels patrolling the streets. The Empire could not sit back and watch a large planet like Corellia support the rebellion and so the little Imperial town of Pax Imperia gained importance.

Warrant Officer II Wulfman was not ordered back from Yavin for now, but was moved into a Scout Trooper Unit in the newly build Forward Outpost in Pax Imperia. Wulfman also got more involved in the local politics and eventually became Mayor of Pax Imperia. With his newly gained political influence he could convince the bureaucracy of the Empire to grant Pax Imperia the role of a Tactical Center.

Several new bases were build on Corellia and then the Empire started to clear the rebels presents from the planet. Finally all major cities were under Imperial control again.

Corellia has mostly been reluctant in supporting the Empire and was trying to maintain a neutral position, but for the first time since the destruction of the Death Star Corellia was under full control of the Empire. Corellia had returned to law and order just in time for another important event. Pax Imperia, the town just east of Kor Vella Starport was celebrating its anniversary. Many officials were invited for this Event, but there was one person that most people did not expect to see ... Lord Vader !

Shortly after the surprising visit of Lord Vader to Pax Imperia Wulfman was promoted to Warrant Officers I and was given new orders. The new assignment was to report back to Talus on Empire day, here he was send on a series of quests to deliver some Information to a Commander on the planet of Yavin. Here Wulfman ment, to his surprise, Lord Vader for the third time in his life. Once on Yavin Wulfman was called back to the Imperial Base to continue his duty in Black Epsilon Squadron, this time as the leader of a TIE Bomber strike team. Wulfmans team lead a strike against Nym pirates in Yavin System and in the second step against Nyms pirates in Lok System. After successfully eliminating a large Nym force Wulfman reccommended for another promotion. He was sent to the Imperial Outpost on Dantoine, promoted to the rank of Second Lieutenant and given a brand new TIE Advanced Fighter.

2nd Lieutenant Wulfman reported in to a man who call himself the Insurgent the Insurgent didn't seem to have a military rank, but over all seem to be a nice guy as long as you were in good standing with him and the Empire in general. Wulfmans mission assignments were mostly in Dathomir space and some were quite challenging. After a few missions the Insurgent ordered Wulfman to report in with Grand Admiral Niall Declann in Theed, Naboo.

The Grand Admiral was a bit overconfident and for sure not the type of officer Wulfman ever wanted to be, but as a loyal Imperial officer Wulfman followed his orders.

The assessment was to clear the rebel fighter presents in Kessel space and shortly after that to take out a Rebel Corellian Corvette. For the second assessment Wulfman was back in a TIE Bomber, but with Colonel Tar Atanamir and Colonel Akami also assigned to the task to intercept all incoming fighters it didn't take the Black Epsilon Pilots long to whipe them all out.

Grand Admiral Niall Declann personally recognized Wulfman as an Imperial Ace Pilot and upon his return to Pax Imperia on Corellia he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and given the command of a VT-49 Decimator Gunboat type ship called "Virulent". Unfortunately for him, this ship was still under construction, expecting new shield generators and a new Weapon Capacitor. Therefore Wulfman got back into his TIE Bomber and was assigned to assist the Kashyyyk Space station to eliminate a pirate threat. The Information gathered in the process lead to a mission in which Wulfman had to disable a Corellian Corvette and help capture it. As a payment for his loyal Service he was given a Red Royal Guard TIE Interceptor.

After some busy month Wulfman went over to Talus to relax a bit having a drink the Dearic Cantina. Though he could not help it, the face of a guy named Mort looked very familiar. Over another drink Mort told Wulfman that he once used to be a Clone Trooper who got screwed by a traitor named Morkov.

Wulfman started his investigation on Naboo, the last known location of Morkov and found him in a building on Keren. What he soon found out was, that Morkov is selling Imperial Weapons and Equipment to anyone who is interested. Wulfman handed these documents to Major Raev and only a minute after submitting them there was a holo communication for Wulfman in the basement of the Ambassadors Hall in Keren from the Emperor himself.

The orders the Emperor gave were clear, Kill Morkove. Wulfman left, took his T21 Rifle and killed Morkov along with his two Battle droids.

After the mission Wulfman returned to Corellia and was hoping for a few more quiet weeks before his next assignment. However, shortly after his return he got hold of an older Imperial Datapad. The Information on it did not make too much sense to him, but from what he could figure out it was relevant for the Imperial Garrisons on Kashyyyk.

The next day Wulfman left Corellia to fly to Kashyyk and bring the data pad to the local Garrison. The Imperial outpost in Kachiro was always short of officers and equipment and often under attack of Wookies and other outlaws most of which supported the rebellion against the Empire. Suddenly Lieutenant Wulfman found himself in the middle of an attack on the outpost. The attacking rebels were defeated, but the Garrisons Commander asked the Lieutenant to help with a few assignments on Kashyyyk. After a few assignments Wulfman was called into the bunker room deep inside the outpost complex and here Lord Vader was waiting for him.

The Dark Lord heard of Wulfmans piloting skills and he gave the Lieutenant a chance to prove himself and take out several enemy ships in Kashyyyk space. When Wulfman returned from his Mission Lord Vader revealed the reason for this test. he was in need of a skilled pilot, but also a skilled Commando for a special mission. Wulfman knew that this would mean he could not run his Droid Business in Pax Imperia anymore. He was send to Tatooine and Dathomir to train his Heavy Weapon skills.

After two weeks of intensive training Wulfman received the Order NGE4LASOE. This would mean a good bye to all his friends in Pax Imperia on Corellia. He left one more time from Kor Vella Starport to rendezvous with the Imperial Star Destroyer Vengeance.

Lt. Wulfman was on board of the ISD Vengeance for about three month when he received new orders to report in to Kashyyyk as a Commando. At first he was not happy about this assignment, as it meant saying good bye to the Vengeance and her crew. Only a few days after Wulfman left he heard of the destruction of the ISD and knew that he was luckier then most of the other crewmen and pilots.

The assigment on Kashyyk was tough and deep down in the darkness of the forest he encountered strange creatures until he found what he came fore, the left over droids from the clone wars. Some of the local wookies were suprised to see Wulfman return and honoured him with some hunting trophies.

After the assignment on Kashyyyk was completed Wulfman was had a few days off and flew over to Bestine on Tatooine. In the Cantina an Imperial Officer named Jevan Monsul was in desperate need for someone to investigate a crash side. Wulfman took the task and a whole story about spice and other secretes was revealed. In the end the Information gathered lead Wulfman to Rori, a moon in the Naboo system. He was never sure if the whole "Secrets of the Syren case", as it was called later on was just the beginning or completly unrelated to the events that would soon follow in Restuss, but this my be a secret that will revuiel itself later.

After Wulfman returned from Rori to report back on Talus he was called into a meeting. The Empire was about to restructure their Fleet and a new Task force was founded to react quickly on Rebel raids in several systems. The Imperial task force Storm was founded and it's Headquater was moved to Pax Imperia. Luietennant Wulfman was very happy about this location, as it would finally allow him to be in his home town more often.

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