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Imperial Order 2nd Fleet
Marcus Wulfman on Naboo

Wulfmans Droids
Wulfman was born on the planet Honoghr around the time when the Empire was formed. His father was a human agriculture scientist and his mother was a technician. Later, he left Honohr towards the Core systems to study engineering.
  • His first stop was Naboo...
    Wulfmans Story
    Wulfmans Droids
    • W-DES Droid Engineer Shop

    • Droida the Droid Engineer
      Corellia, Pax Imperia
      Starport Kor Vella
      Waypoint: -4760,2200

      New droids will arrive with Chapter 5.

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    Imperial Order 2nd Fleet
    Marcus Wulfman on Tatooine